In the fall of 2010, on their first night at Drake University, Kathleen and Byron met at a floor meeting. Living on the same floor, being in poetry class together, and joining Greek life set the stage for their year-long friendship. Kathleen and Byron would take late night walks through campus – down the Painted Street, around the sundial, and always end up at their favorite bench in front of Howard Hall. They would chat about books they were reading, late night Hubbell burritos, and the tribulations of living with roommates for the first time.

Fast forward to June 3rd, 2016 (unbeknownst to either that this was the anniversary of Kathleen’s parents’ own engagement) when Kathleen was moving from Des Moines to Kansas City. Byron surprised Kathleen by showing up early in the morning to grab one more brunch at La Mie before packing up the rest of Kathleen’s belongings (and cat) into her already very full car. Byron suggested one final stroll around campus, and Kathleen obliged, despite only having a few more hours to finish packing.

They walked down the Painted Street, around the sundial, and sat at their bench in front of Howard Hall. There, Byron dropped to one knee and asked Kathleen to marry him.

Byron proposes to Kathleen in front of Howard Hall

And the rest is history.